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(clears throat) Hi there!

I never knew how much I needed holidays and an almost two-month holiday is still not enough for me. One month passed and I still have more or less 2 weeks or so before craziness starts all over again. And it already sounds ominous here... No!

I've been very healthy this week ^^, which is very true! I thought i've been in love with the houses in setia pearl island, since I went to have a stay for a couple of days in my uncle's house there. And I, too had to eat healthy like 'em. Almost vegetarian dishes everyday, not mentioning the swimming in the club & hiking ^^ Good to think back, for once I've been soo healthy :)

And I couldn't control. I wanna scream. THANKS SO MUCH JIA MING!!! ^^\/ FOR BUYING ME THE MEN'S STORIES LIVE CONCERT DVD!!!!!! IN SUCH GOOD PRICE!!!!!!!! *sky high* 8)ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ugh cant wait to touch and feel it myself!! Juz simply cant resist the temptation ugggghhhh so teeeemmmppptttiiiinnnnnnnggg ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Have been doing things which I fancy but rather meaningless :)Who cares? Life'd be pretty lifeless when you keep asking yourself why & why. Juz do it! (eh sounds familiar) :P



Here I am, back again after months of abandoning my blog here. Didn't mean it, though muahaha.
I've just come back from the MS music camp, in which benefited me quite a lot. ;)particularly in listening to accuracy of tunes and rhythmic beating. :)Totally worth it as I could say!
And below are some photos of it, :)just made me reminiscing the musical and helluva moments in there!

sufferin sectional hours (lol)

The concert went fine (as many would say Helluva!!) And only we know, that nothing went wrong.. :)

Next on, I shall have a total 2 weeks rest, before going crazy allover again.

Before I forget!!!!! *I have a good news:)*
Before the camp, I'd won a prize in the national calligraphy competition organized by 通甲University in Taiwan. Never thought that I could ever win this prize, srsly! Rmbring the time I got this form from my teacher, *TAIWAN TRIP FOR FREE!!* like hell I screamed lol (exaggerated), and then I'd just quiet down and sigh. It'll never be me, i suppose.

but now, to my surprise, I won a prize in this national comp and will be going to a Study Trip in Taiwan for 5 days!!! So glad! And always thankful.. :)

Something I'd like to share: There were great people from every state comin over to penang to compete with us, (even sarawak and sabah!) lol
This time, unlike other competitions I've participated, the writing atmosphere was totally different. I'd appreciate that. The 1001st chance:).

Speaking of Taiwan, first thing ever that would pop into my mind was XIAO YU!! Although he's no longer my favourite one, but still glad when there's this mere chance to get to see him there. :) HAHA my wish almost came true :)
XIAO YU HERE I COME~ (sings and trips over a rock)oops..:)

Till then, rmb to keep in touch!I hope I could update soon.. ahah!

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